Admirable Women: Elizabeth Olwen

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Well, I’m going to start this post like all the other ones, apologizing for my English, believe me I’m trying to improve, hopefully you can tell.

Now to the post – I decided to talk about all those women out there that inspire me somehow, or that I’m obsessed about somehow :P.

And the first woman that I’m going to talk about is one of my favorites (want to be like) Pattern Designers, Elizabeth Olwen.

I found out about Elizabeth and her beautiful work through Skillshare

She is a successful Surface Designer and is very well known in the field. She worked as a Graphic Designer before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a Surface Pattern Designer.


Once she found out she could make a living being a pattern designer, she saved money, quit her job, used her vacation time to get inspired and worked on her patterns. Once she got back, she enrolled in the next Surtex, and that’s how her wonderful journey began.

I love her story and I think she is so inspiring! She knew what her passion was, and was not afraid to go for it. You can see the detail, dedication and love reflected in her designs.

Not only are her drawings beautiful, but I just adore the color palettes that she uses.

You can see her beautiful work at her website:

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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