Are you a perfume kind of girl?


“Where should I apply perfume?” a young lady asked,
“Where you want to be kissed”

– Coco Channel.


If I have to answer the question, I must admit that I’m not a perfume kind of girl, but let me explain myself first…

I like perfumes, I do. But finding a fragrance that catches my attention is not easy for me. I love fresh fragrances, that’s why I’m more of a splash kind of girl – because it’s easy for me to find more variety, and perfumes tend to be too sweet. But luckily, this life can surprise us sometimes, and once in a while I find a perfume that doesn’t make me feel like a cup of honey with legs. But when that happens, along comes another problem: perfumes can be so pricy!! That’s why, even If I find a perfume that I like, I probably won’t buy it because, well, with that money I can buy a lot of other things… you know, like food.

So when I found out about The Fragrance Outlet Online Store, I was almost literally jumping with one leg – well maybe not, but I was really happy.

The Fragrance Outlet offers designer fragrances at affordable prices – yup, just what I needed, nice perfumes with good prices!

Once I jumped to the website, I knew which perfume was most likely to fulfill my “not too sweet” expectations. I got the BAMBOO Eau De Parfum – sounds kind of fancy don’t you think? They have a nice variety of perfumes, but I knew this one was the one for me.

Ok ok, yeah I know, choosing a perfume without testing it first is kind of risky, but I was sold by the fact that this fragrance is inspired by the bamboo plant. It sounds so natural for me that I just needed to try it 😛

Also, the scent contains:

  • Top notes: Blackcurrant, violet leaves, ivy
  • Middle notes: Lily, rose, ylang-ylang, freesia
  • Base notes: Musk, cedar and vetiver

When the perfume got into my hands, from the packaging to the scent it was all that I was expecting (and more). The fragrance is just the right amount of sweetness and it lasts the whole day! AND… it was not a crazy price!

This perfume has become a must-have and I’m so happy that it’s just a click away.


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