Outfit of the Week

Illustrator Rebeca Micucci-ByBeck
Ok.. Why Outfit of the week instead of outfit of the day,? Well I’m going to be honest, one, I have a big closet but come on! its not that big to post an outfit a day! and also I really don’t have the time to be creating a...
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My January Favorites

Hi you guys!! this are my favorites for this month! One for the money – Book! This book is so much fun! I really like it, but most of the time I’ve been a little stressed out with the character – I’m like constantly saying, “Girl you need money!...
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Mis favoritos de Enero

Hola a todos!!! estos son mis favoritos para este mes One for the money – Libro! Este libro me gusto mucho, es divertido. Pero la mayoría del tiempo me la paso estrenada con el personaje principal. Constantemente me encuentro diciéndole “A ver mujer! necesitamos plata, vaya aprendiendo a disparar...
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