Do what you love for a living

Do what you love for a living
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Do what you love for a living


Who doesn’t want to have a job doing what they love? It’s the dream right?

But of course, something so awesome doesn’t come that easy. Myself, I haven’t achieved it yet – well sort of, because I do love Graphic and Web Design and that’s what I do for a living – but I haven’t been able to live off a business of my own creation, and to be honest, I might not be able to do it. But that’s ok, because guess what? Right now I do have my own business as a hobby, and it’s awesome!

It all began many years ago – many, many- like 7 or so. I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit – why? I don’t even remember, I just thought that it was something cool to learn. So my little knitting blog began… I managed to learn how to knit, basically straight line pieces – in other words, scarves and maybe on a good day, a hat (which pretty much explains my logo design).

But what I really got from this experience was more than I could have imagined. First, I learned how to create a blog. Second, I learned that I could actually learn new things by doing research, reading and watching videos – a whole new world right there! Third, and most importantly, I found out that I loved blogging.

When I was done with my knitting phase, I moved forward to one of my biggest passions, fashion. So my little blog went from knitting to fashion, and the fun began. I started to blog very often and actually others bloggers started to follow me – it was fun for sure. But life got in the way, and I was just too busy with school and work and the whole thing about growing up – it sucks, I know – and then I just stopped blogging (years later I learned that my passions are also important).

At that point I had my logo, I knew I could learn new things and I knew that I loved blogging.

When my “be a grown up” phase passed, I was ready to have fun again; now my interests took me to a new and very fun path – handmade jewelry making!

Once again, I decided that I wanted to learn to do something and I did it! And my ByBeck handmade jewelry line was born. I started to sell it through Facebook and then I decided to sell it at craft shows. The brand started to grow little by little – I was not going to make a living from it, but it was fun (plus I got some extra money, right?). But guess what? Life got in the way again… but this time with a wonderful surprise – I met my husband.

That shouldn’t be called “getting in the way,” you must be thinking, but our story is a bit different. Short version: I’m from Costa Rica and he is from the US, we got married, I moved out of my country, and I had to begin a new life, from pretty much nothing.

As you can see, my little ByBeck brand has some history, and now it’s a brand of many branches. I decided to take all the things that I love and put it into this brand, which takes me to the present. I finally decided to go for it and work on creating my own business. It might take me a while to be successful, but the first step is made, which is making the decision!

What’s next? Well, I’ve being working on the website, this blog, my YouTube channel and the Etsy store, which is coming soon.

I don’t know if at some point this is going to be my full time job, but what I do know is that I’m doing what I love, even if it is just as a hobby.

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