Empowered Women, Empower Women

Empowered Women, Empower Women
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A couple of days ago, a girl posted the most disgusting image on one of her social media accounts, comparing the previous first lady of United states with the new one.  She set them apart by their look and made fun of one of them because she is “less attractive” or “glamorous,” than the other.

Yes! A woman posted this! Not a man! A woman!!!!

I just couldn’t believe it; it made me feel sick the whole day, and actually made me write this post. Why do we, women of the world, take each other down??? Why are we against each other? Isn’t it enough to have society against us that we don’t have to be one against the other?

Do I have to remind you that we are still fighting for equality???

The more I thought about this the more I remembered situations in my life when other women put me down… it’s not a coincidence that for a long time my best friend was a man.

Instead of lift each other up, and support each other, it looks like some women are looking for every chance to put down their own gender.

Why, I insist, why would you do that?!!!

We already have enough enemies, telling us how we are supposed to look, act and live, to add our own team to the list.

We should be united! Like sisters, like best friends, we should help each other to become better!

Next time you’re going to say, or do something against a woman, please, please think twice. This person, this amazing beautiful woman (YES – beautiful woman – doesn’t matter what a stupid magazine says about beauty, we all are beautiful) that you are about to say something ugly about, is not just like you, she is you! She is a daughter, a sister, a mom, a grandmother, a best friend, and most importantly, she is a woman just like you, battling every single day against society.

Let’s stop the envy, hate, or whatever is it, between our own gender, and instead, let’s empower each other.

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