My Spoonflower Gardening Contest 2018 Entry

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It’s been a while since I took part of Spoonflower challenges, and It hasn’t been because I don’t want to be part of their challenges,  mostly It has been because I’ve been really busy with life. But finally, I could find some time to make a new surface pattern design for one of their contests and to my surprise, I ended up being part of the top 20


I decided to be part of the Gardening Challenge, this design was inspired by the fact that I don’t have a backyard so if I want to have a garden it has to be in pots. I decided to use not so obvious “gardening colors” and it ended looking really good, is definitely one of my favorite patterns so far.

I can totally see my progress as an illustrator, artist and surface pattern designer.


I hope you guy like it as much as I do!




Check here the 20 top designs


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