Once You Decide To Get Serious About Your Blog

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Once You Decide To Get Serious About Your Blog

After deciding to take my blog more seriously, I needed to figure how to actually start putting things into motion. Luckily, I ran into Regina’s article “HOW TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT BLOGGING”. Here is how I took her advice and developed her ideas to get more serious about my blog.

Think long & hard about your blog categories.

I decided my blog was going to be about all the things that I like, and boy do I like a lot of things. I define myself like a tree of many branches, so this blog is going to reflect that part – or parts- of my personality.

ByBeck Work (Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustrations, Handmade Jewerly)

  • DYI
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • And soon to come, Reviews

Design your site to be appealing and easy on the eyes, for long amounts of time.

Still working on it, but I want to reflect my personality in every image I use. Every graphic, image, icon and more has to say ByBeck everywhere.

Be Ugly Betty.

I really want to pay attention to every post I make; being a designer, I can work on the image, but being a native Spanish-speaker, the writing has become a challenge. That’s why my amazing husband just officially became my editor :P, thank you so much, I love you!!!

Share each post into infinity. Also, beyond infinity.

This was eye-opening for me, I was sharing my posts one time!! When I actually can share them multiple times, infinity and beyond!

Make sure you know who you’re talking to.

This might be the hardest one… Right now, I’m trying to reach people like me, small entrepreneurs that want to share their journeys and lives.

Make sure you know what those people want and need.

If you are like me trying to make it in the entrepreneurial world, you might need resources to help you reach your goals. That’s why, as a graphic and web designer with 11 years of experience, I decided to dedicate some resources to help you. Stay tuned!

Make an actual blog business plan.

Uff! With this one I just want to tell you to check this guide

Post frequently + consistently, with quality as your best friend.

My plan for this year is to post at least one time a week. Thanks to the blog challenge I’m participating in right now, I’ve been able to post daily.

Create a content calendar

Organization is one of the most important keys to achievingur goals;I have decided to create my calendar post a month ahead.

There are a couple more tips that Regina mentions iner post, but for now these are the ones I’m going to focus on. And let me tell you, its been just a week with this new approach and I already have seen some changes – not only on my blog, but also my social networks.

Do you have any tips to get serious about blogging?

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