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Illustrator Rebeca Micucci-ByBeck
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Ok.. Why Outfit of the week instead of outfit of the day,?

Well I’m going to be honest, one, I have a big closet but come on! its not that big to post an outfit a day! and also I really don’t have the time to be creating a new outfit post every day, soooooo…. an outfit of the week is going to be 😛

We are on winter, which it means that besides what I’m wearing on this picture, I’m also wearing another big coat 😛

Top: thrifted
Leggings: forever21
Sweater: Thrifted
Boots: forever21
Sox: was a gift
Scarf: was a gift.

I really like this outfit, is comfortable, cute, and not too elaborated.

This boots might be in there final days, but I love them so much that is hard to get rid of them! Does that ever happened to you? an item that you love so much that it doesn’t matter is dying you still wear it?

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