Problems of creative people

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Problems of creative people

I can describe myself as a creative person, and I love it, it’s wonderful. We definitely see the world in a different way, but being a creative person has it’s cons for sure, and in my experience, these are some of the problems that creative people have:

The do it myself syndrome

I love everything related to creating and being creative – from illustration, to fashion, to photography, cooking, design, and more. If it has creative side, I’ll love it and I’ll try to learn how to do it. That’s why creative people are so crafty and have a million projects; because we see something and immediately think “I can do it, and I’ll learn how to do it by myself.”

Sleepless mind

The mind of a creative person never sleeps. We can be working and designing in our sleep, which can be really exhausting. How about the project that we left at work unfinished? Our mind will get the solution while sleeping, and then the next day we will have the answer, plus a million new ideas for new projects, plus really dark circles around our eyes…

Short attention span

It’s hard for us to stay focused on one thing for long periods of time. Our mind works at a different velocity and is constantly changing; we need to work in short bursts of time on each project that we have.

Hopeless dreamers

We dream a lot; we are constantly creating new ideas, projects and businesses. We are free spirits by nature and because of that we are always looking for a way to achieve our dreams and become entrepreneurs.

Mind ahead of our hands

Our minds go to a speed that our hands sometimes can’t keep up with. We visualize things in our head that sometimes our hands can’t replicate. Sometimes we have so many ideas that there is not enough time for all of them and we can get frustrated about it 🙁

Doubting our skills

We have doubts about our skills as creative-types. The rest of the world could be telling us how amazing our work is, but we still will see the things that we don’t like, or the things that could be improved.

Never say die

We are dreamers and fighters. No matter how many times we try and fail, we will get up and try again until we achieve it. And once there, we will have a new dream to go for.

Are you a creative person?

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