Treasures hunter: thrifting beautiful findings

Treasures hunter: thrifting beautiful findings
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First of all, let me apologized about my English skills. You’ll see I’m a native Spanish speaker, I’m learning and trying to improve my English the most I can, but is a slow process :/. And now that I’m going to blog more often I can’t have my husband editing every single post L. So please bare with me. I must be clear though, that the featured and sponsored post are going to be edited by him, because I’m a responsible human being.

Ok, so let’s begin.

I’m really excited about blogging more often, now this blog is going to be even more a reflection of who I am, this is now a personal journal, share to the world, to the people who want to listen to me 😉

If you want to start to know me, you must know something about me. I love thirfting, I just love it, its just some much fun, I feel that I’m in a treasure hunting, plus I really think that one of my mission in life is to show that you can dress beautifully without paying absurd amounts of money… – Well I’m not going to be a hypocric maybe if I have the money to spare I would pay for something like this


modcloth dress


But! I do believe in thirfting and I enjoy it a lot… I mean a LOT!

So in this section of my blog I’m going to show you this beautiful treasures that sometimes, I found!

The first item, I found it on this thrift store near my house – I found this store when I went to sign up to a yoga studio, I saw this little store in the corner, and OMG, let me tell you, what an amazing finding!



This store is just amazing, and is now one of my favorite ones. This store has so many treasures, like this Ralph Lauren Blouse, say what? yes! Ralph Lauren, what about that! and the best part is that cost me $1. It was a happy day in ByBecklandia.

The next item I got it in a different store, and is this pretty handbag. It might not be a “brand” handbag, but that’s something I really don’t care. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it, it looks vintage style to me. What you think? oh and it cost me $3


buscando-tesoros-02 Buscando Tesoros en tiendas de segunda mano


The last item for this post is this $0.99 mirror, again very vintage kind of looking, and golden! lately I’ve been loving gold, and I’m adding it in small details all over the house.


Buscando Tesoros


So there you have it, those were my latest findings. I hope you like this new section :).



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  1. Bev Micucci says:

    LOVE ❤️ this new section!

    1. ByBeck says:

      yeyyy tnx!!! 🙂

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