Why I became a Graphic and Web Designer

Graphic-Web Designer-ByBeck.
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Graphic-Web Designer-ByBeck.

“I bet on ‘doing what you love,’ and I don’t regret it!”

When I was a kid I used to draw a lot; I never thought I was the greatest artist in the world, I just liked to do it, and that was it. When I got to my teenage years, I basically stopped drawing – it was not a priority for me, even though I enjoyed art class very much. My mind was just not focused on anything in that stage of my life, which I think is really normal.

But then when I was around 15, I had the opportunity to apply for a technical/high school- not sure the English term for this- but basically it’s a high school where you can also get a technical degree in a specialty of your choice, but you have to spend an extra year studying – so instead of 5 years of high school, you have to do 6 years. (I’m talking about the Costa Rican educational system).

At first I thought about going for architectural drawing; I liked to draw and I wanted to do something that I like. It went against every grown-up piece of advice I got back then, you know, all the “do something that gives you money,” speeches… but it turns out that it was kind of boring, and I was not 100% in love with it. But then I found out the school was offering Graphic Design. This was the first time I heard about this career, and I fell in love immediately. It was just the most amazing career ever! So I applied, I was accepted, and I spent the next 3 years falling in love even more with graphic design.

When it was time to choose a college career, there was not much thinking to do about it, I was going to continue learning more about Graphic and Web Design – I was just born to do it! Eventhough I was not sure if there were good job opportunities in the market, I bet on ‘doing what you love,’ and I don’t regret it!

Now with 11 years of experience and loving my career a little bit more every day, I decided to create my own business as a Freelance Graphic and Web designer, with the focus on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs – like myself- to achieve their goals by creating beautiful and functional designs. What’s the story behind your career choice?

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